a handwoven partnership

a tail we could wag creates fun fashion accessories for pets and the people who love them. It is a spirit and appeal developed by combining a passion for the great outdoors, a relaxed lifestyle and the artistry of the Mayan people. Together, we have created a look and feel that is not only unique but supports a small population of Mayan artists living in the highlands of Guatemala.

The Mayan people of Guatemala suffered great losses during the most recent civil war. Many women were left to raise families on their own in a country already depressed. These artisans had few skills outside of their unique style of weaving that is passed on from generation to generation. Our partnership with them creates an opportunity for them to earn an income from their weaving skills while building community development and helping to increase self confidence and hope for themselves, their children, their families and their villages. They are the true heroes and the ones that make this all possible. We are only a portion of their success. As we work together we inspire each other, thus increasing business and the economic well being of the Mayan people.

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