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Having bought your collars and leads for our sadly departed and much missed Fluffy, we did not hesitate to order them for our new rescue dogs, Oliver & Enya. Pleased to say that the new ones are still the same high quality as the ones we bought years ago! — Frances

My Golden Retriever wore his Foolish Fish collar for years. As a Golden, he was in the water more than out, and the collar held up wonderfully (only getting a little bleached out hanging on the line). We put him down at age 15 a month ago, and his Foolish Fish collar hangs from the collage we made for him. Our next Golden will honored to wear one too! — Jude


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Just FYI…the order I placed is to replace a much loved/worn t-shirt (“Retrieve Life”) I bought 4 years ago in a pet store in Telluride, CO. Everyone asks if it’s my yellow lab, Dave. Sometimes I lie. My sister has since stolen it (with its bleach stains and all) so she’s getting one too. I’m just mad it took me this long to type in “a tail we could wag” in the search engine. — Missy

I just found out about your company today. I’m a postal worker and I actually sorted a catalog you were sending to a retail store. As the ‘mom’ to five dogs, I fell in love with your products right on the spot!

I just placed an order on your website. — Angela French

I got my new issue of bark magazine last night and had to check you out after seeing your ad. Your website and products are so great…I can’t stop looking at it. The design of it makes me want to jump right in it! Please keep up the very good and tasteful work…ill be measuring my dogs’ necks tonight for a nice new collar. Something tells me I’m more excited than they’ll be. Thanks again for the highlight in my day. — Julie Memmott production artist

Your service has surpassed all previous mail order experiences for me and I want to let you know how much that is appreciated. This is not my first tee shirt purchase from you and it will, most definitely, not be the last. Thank you so much! — Phyllis Schwartz

My younger sister lives in Lake Tahoe and couldn’t come home for Christmas that year but she sent presents home for everyone, on her very small budget. Mine was this flat little wrapped thing and I opened it and burst into tears. It was the atwcw post card, “Stay Focused…live for your dreams.” It was unquestionably the greatest present I ever got. I taped it over my desk and it comforted me countless times over the years. When I graduated last May, I got a new copy of that post card and had it matted and framed and it hangs on the wall next to my diploma.

I can promise you, I will continue telling everyone I know about a tail we could wag and you have my undying, lifelong loyalty and support. — Jody

As many of you may know via correspondence with a tail we could wag, we always sign off with some type of wag. (i.e. – many wags, wags, with wags…) And so it goes:

“Your signoff reminds me of my old Golden, Willie. When he was really happy his tail went around in a big circle. My kids called it “double happiness.” — Rodney Orvis

There’s more to the tail….normal happiness conditions; the opportunity to go for a walk or the first greeting of the morning the tail position was a straight horizontal wag. ‘Single happiness’ if you would.

More happiness conditions; e.g. my return home after a 2-week Asian trip, brought a wag that was both horizontal and almost vertical. Supreme happiness; e.g. anything to do with water and going for a swim, brought the circular wag or “Double Happiness.” — Rodney Orvis

I happened on your site the other day and fell in love with your products. I plan to order a truckload for a new Basset puppy who is on the way. — Edward de Sa Pereira

We received the collars and leads on Thursday and they are great! We bought some a few years ago in Nantucket and loved them – they are bright and funky but very well made and very practical for a dog who loves to swim and mess around in boats. The original ones still work fine although they have faded a lot in the sun and salt water, so we were very pleased to find we could buy them on line.

Keep up the good work! — Nigel and Frances Chaterjee and Fluffy!

Get Sundance to continue carrying your dog collars & leashes (key chains & belts, too!) as they quickly sold out! I have been looking for Guatemalan fabric collars for four years – since I’d seen them on dogs when hiking in WY, CO, VA and CA! I was ecstatic to see your collars & leashes in Sundance Catalog, but when I phoned in my order to Sundance, they had all already sold out. Ahhhh – success with an order placed with Tailwags.com today! Keep up the good work! — Nancy & Peaches Witham

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We just love your products and will continue to buy. — Sally Hassey

Just saw your adv., in New Yorker. Nice to see a clean easy to read adv., then to your internet site.

Another good layout.

I’m a retired advertising artist. Now painter.

Writing to tell you this for what it’s worth. — Bob Danks

Talk about quick customer service – you’re terrific! — Lyn Jordan

I received your collars for my dogs this summer as a gift. I love your collars, and just finished a fairly large painting of my dog wearing your collars. I am attaching for you to check it out. Hope you like it. Have a great day. — Sean P. Callahan

You are very kind, my friend!! Thank you for your attention. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again. — Dick Shugrue

Jerry and I first saw your products several years when we were traveling in Maine and stopped at Bark Harbor pet shop in Bar Harbor. We bought some of your wonderful postcards and sent them to our closest friends. We are now getting married in October and just ordered the “In Moments of Joy” postcards to use as our thank you cards. We have three dogs of our own and they are the center of our lives. The friends who will join us for our special day are going to LOVE these cards as a “Thanks for being with us”!!! It says it all!

Thanks for your great products…..and know that you are now in the Wedding Business!!! HA!

Sincerely — Marcia Bingham and Jerry Levesque